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Practical course: Sketching with Hardware

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt
  • Contact:
  • Credit hours: 4
  • ECTS-Credits: 6
  • Modul: Advanced topics for in Media Informatics (BA) and group practical labs (MA)
  • Language: German


  • Please refer to the german webpage for an up-to-date schedule and current tasks.

Dates and Location

  • Block event, TBA (presumably early August)
  • Location: TBA


Central registration process via the UniWorX course for MI and the UniWorX course for KUMM. (As of Feb, 13th 2019, 12pm; Until Mar, 25th 2019 8am)

Please justify your eligibility for this course using the text box during the UniWorX registration process. During the assignment, we will take prerequisites into account. Please be aware of the penalty and successor regulation for courses that use the central registration process.

Eligibility for course credit

  • Bachelor "Kunst und Multimedia": instance of the course "Blockpraktikum Multimediaprogrammierung" (unmarked)
  • Bachelor Media Informatics: advanced topics for module P17 or P18. Grading is done based on course engagement and a short term paper.
  • Diploma: unmarked practical lab certificate for 4 credit hours.