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Practical course: Web programming

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt
  • Contact:
  • Credit hours: 4
  • ECTS-Credits: 6
  • Modul: Master P5.0.2 or P5.0.4: Practical course in groups on advanced topics in Informatics I or Informatics II
    After consultation with the examination board: recognition for P2, P3 or P6 (advanced topics for master students) possible
    Bachelor P17, P18: Advanced topics in Media Informatics I or II
  • Language: German


  • Please refer to the german webpage for an up-to-date schedule and current tasks.

Date and Location

  • Monday, 10am - 12pm c.t., first date: April 29 2019; additional classroom events regurlarly on Monday.
  • Location: 257, Frauenlobstr. 7a (not confirmed yet)


The practical course Web Programming is directed at students studying (media) informatics. During the course, we will have an in-depth look at topics from "Media in the net" (Multimedia im Netz) and cover common developer tools, such as NodeJS, Angular, and database systems. Those will be taught through practical exercises and through a programming project.

Overview of topics:

  • Basics in Server- and Clientprogramming
  • Web Analytics
  • Introduction to Node.js and Angular or similar frameworks including libraries, e.g. Database connection
  • Testing and Deployment

This practical course is very labor-intensive. Please take this into account when scheduling your classes.


Central registration process via the UniWorX course. (As of Feb, 13th 2019, 12pm; Until Mar, 25th 2019 8am)

Please justify your eligibility for this course (see prerequisites) using the text box during the UniWorX registration process. During the assignment, we will take prerequisites into account. Please be aware of the penalty and successor regulation for courses that use the central registration process.

Useful Prerequisites

  • Lecture "Media in the net" (Multimedia im Netz) is recommended
  • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
  • NodeJS (Express or Loopback)
  • Experience with Unix terminals

Criteria for the practical course certificate

  • Conducting exercises
  • Attending lectures
  • Conducting a programming project