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Lecture: Engineering for Human Factors

  • Lecturer: Dr. Lewis Chuang, Dr. Tonja Machulla
  • Contact:
  • Credit hours: 2 + 2
  • ECTS-Credits: 6
  • Modul: Elective course (Vertiefende Themen) for Masters Media Informatics, Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Language: English


  • Webpage under construction.
  • Course registration will be available via UniWorX at the beginning of October.

Dates and Location

  • Wednesday, 12pm - 2pm c.t., First data: TBA
  • Location: Prof. Huber-Pl. 2 (Lehrturm), Room W401


  • Friday, 2pm - 4pm c.t., Amalienstr. 73a, Room 220


  • Closed book examination (slides and written material not permitted)
  • Successful course completion requires 50% correct.


Technology should be sensitive to how humans perceive, think, and act. This course focuses on how knowledge about user physiology and psychology can be applied to the design of products, processes, systems, and whole environments. Doing so results in interactions with technology that are safer, more effective, and less frustrating. In this course, students will learn how principles for user-centred design are derived from theory and empirical research. The following topics will be covered:

  • Human Perception, Cognition, and Action
  • Design Principles for Display and Control
  • Human-Automation Interaction
  • Stress and Workload
  • Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Organizational Design
  • Methods for Human Factors Evaluation


  • Good English skills; Teaching will be in English; Exam questions and course work can be answered in German
  • Course of study: Media informatics (Master), Human-Computer-Interaction (Master), Informatics (Master)


  1. Lee, Wickens, Liu, Boyle (2017) Designing for People: An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering, CreateSpace, Charleston, SC. (